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Share Kit for combing unruly hairs

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

"Mom, do not pull my hair!" We are used to listening to the mothers of girls who have very fine curly hair when it comes to combing them.

Especially when my girl has just got up, I look at her head and think how I will do to undo that tangle without tears.

At the special request of a mother I want to recommend some products to comb unbelievable hairs that I have tried and I am doing great.

The great discovery is the "spray of Johnson's Junior for a hair easy to comb" as it is called, which can be applied on dry or wet hair.

I use it dry. It is not necessary to apply too much so it yields a lot and allows you to quickly comb the child or the child without pulling. And the best thing is that it does not leave hair greasy at all.

In the wet you do not need it, because to combat unruly hair on all fronts, you also use Johnson's shampoo baby shampoo without pulling for unruly hair that gives very good results, even without using rinsing cream.

Finally I finish the job with the softener for an easy-to-comb hair from the same Johnson's Junior line as the spray I told you before. I leave it a couple of minutes, I clarify and comb the wet hair, because when it dries it is more difficult.

This looks like an announcement from Johnson & Johnson but it is not. Just a tip to solve the hateful pulls and that the hair of our small and small look pretty.

Because yes. She has beautiful hair, but combing her is, well, torture.

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