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Share Actress Anne Hathaway tells how her co-stars helped her love her postpartum body

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

Some time ago I shared the results of an investigation, in which they explained that most women felt insecure because of the unreal representations we saw of pregnancy and postpartum in social media and networks. Neither help much magazines or fashion sites where we see how they praise celebrities for having instantly recovered his figure after having a baby.

That is why the confession made by the actress Anne Hathaway has made news: celebrities also feel insecure about their postpartum body, and in passing, reminds us of the importance of supporting each other .

On the occasion of the promotion of his new film "Ocean's 8", the feminist spin-off of the trilogy of the group of thieves headed by George Clooney and Brad Pitt, the actress Anne Hathaway visited the program of Ellen Degeneres.

During the interview, she talked about her return to the cinema after becoming a mother and how she felt about her body after all the changes she experienced during pregnancy and postpartum.

As we know, when you are a model or actress, the figure and image is something that is given great importance, so she says she is used to feeling pressure to maintain a certain weight or measures . But after having her baby, she realized that her body had changed, that she was not as thin as before, and it was hard for her to return to her previous weight. This caused that she felt fear, because she would return with her new body to begin the filming of "Ocean's 8".

Fortunately, what she felt like an insecurity, was something that the director saw as something positive for the film and when she expressed her insecurity for being a size bigger than usual, he answered: "That's great, we have eight women protagonists in this film, so we need all possible body types, "which made her feel a little better.

The day they were going to start filming the film, Anne still felt somewhat insecure but decided to go with a positive attitude, getting ready and wearing jeans. She came to the set and found a very pleasant experience, as some of her classmates praised how good she looked, like Sandra Bullock who told her: "you look great, mom, " and Cate Blanchett, who complimented the cowboys that Anne was wearing.

For her, receiving those comments helped her to feel less insecure and to realize how much positive or motivating words can be when you are going through a moment of mistrust in yourself.

The importance of support between women and mothers

As we can see from the experience of Anne Hathaway, celebrities also feel insecure about their bodies and this reminds us that there is much more than what is seen in social networks or in the media, and things are never as idyllic as they seem .

Testimonials from celebrities like hers, or that of model Chrissy Teigen when she confessed that she suffered from postpartum depression, are important because it has been discovered that social networks can affect the confidence of recent mothers, making them doubt themselves.

But in addition to showing us that postpartum is not perfect and that we all go through similar insecurities, it shows us the effect that a word or a kind gesture can have on another recent mother who is struggling to love her postpartum body.

What we can and should take from its history, is to reaffirm the importance of supporting ourselves between women and mothers, either with beautiful words, with actions or gestures as simple as a smile or an empathic look. Motherhood can be very difficult in the first months, and a show of support will always be welcome.

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