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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Acupuncture has been presented as an alternative to the administration of synthetic hormones to promote the start of labor in pregnancies that exceed forty weeks of gestation, however it is the second study we know that says that this millenary technique would not help to induce labor .

To verify this, a group of 125 pregnant women over 40 weeks of gestation was divided into two, and found that those who had received two sessions of acupuncture were not more likely to start labor in the next 24 hours.

The 12 percent of women who received acupuncture went into labor versus 14 percent of those who received a placebo therapy.

In theory, by placing needles in specific points of the body, acupuncture would stimulate the nervous system of the pregnant woman favoring uterine contractions. However, when practicing a false technique with needles that did not penetrate the skin, no difference was found between the results of both practices.

Apparently, acupuncture would not be a more effective aid than the methods that are normally used to induce labor in pregnancies that exceed 41 weeks. Neither has it been seen that it favored the dilation of the cervix or reduced the time of delivery.

Anyway, those who defend the millennial technique argue that two sessions may not be enough to induce a delivery and that the therapy must be individualized to obtain an optimal result.

On the other hand, some people consider it a good alternative method to pharmacology to reduce the pains of childbirth, but some investigations have also questioned its analgesic benefits.

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