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If you are thinking about having a child, there are some tips that can be very useful. Your body and mind may need changes to promote the quality of sperm and maintain a hormonal balance.

But to begin with, it is good to know that stress hormones cause a decrease in sexual motivation and reproductive capacity, so if you want to get pregnant, inner peace is essential and for this there are methods that combat stress such as yoga, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation


There are also plants that help improve fertility such as sarsaparilla, which helps eliminate harmful substances that harm sperm, or damiana, a stimulant and aphrodisiac plant that enhances the amount of sperm. There is a long list of plants that help, as much as possible, to improve fertility, but you should consult with the specialist. It influences everything in fertility, what you eat, what you breathe, even body weight. There is a saying that comes very well, "tranquility and good food", that is the basis to achieve the goal you have proposed, get pregnant.

Having a very high or very low body weight can affect the hormonal level, you should avoid consuming saturated fatty acids, as they negatively influence the metabolism of essential fatty acids. Sugar also depletes the reserves of some nutrients, tea, coffee and chocolate also alter the hormonal level and let's not say tobacco and alcohol, of this last, it is better that you forget now.

Drink a minimum of two liters of water, infusions and natural juices outside meals, try that your diet does not lack vitamins, minerals and trace elements, essential amino acids and essential acids, will promote fertility. It is also advisable not to spend more than five hours without eating anything, as it could cause rises and falls in blood glucose.

You know, an adequate diet and a healthy mental and spiritual state will help improve fertility.

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