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Share Scar of caesarean section, stitches or staples?

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The staples have replaced in many cases the traditional stitches to close the wound of the caesarean, but about whether the stitches or staples are better for the cesarean scar there are opinions for all tastes.

Those who have more authority to comment are women who have suffered in their own flesh (never better said) one or the other method to close the wound of cesarean section. Of course, you are more than invited to leave your comments at the end of the post.

That said, let's talk about staples and points. A study released a few months ago said that the stitches are better than the staples, because the women who had received them had suffered fewer complications in the wound than in those who had used staples.

In women with staples the wound separation rate had been significantly higher, as were the problems with the bandage.

However, one of the great advantages of staples lies in the speed to place them, significantly shortening the duration of cesarean section, and possible medical errors with the needle, although much also depends on the expertise of the surgeon.

However, we now know a new study with different results. In a follow-up at two and six months after delivery to women who had had a cesarean section, no aesthetic differences were found between the staple and the stitch scars.

It is true that they hardly began to be used, the first staples left much more mark, but today the results are very similar to those of the points. The aesthetic results of one or the other depend more on the type and color of the skin than on the technique used.

According to the authors of the study, to decide on the staples or the points must take into account factors such as which is the technique that best dominates the surgeon and other aspects of the mother that influence the healing of the wound. For example, skin color (dark skin is more prone to keloids), if you are a smoker, have a disease or health problem.

You see, we have two versions at the moment. One in favor of the points and another according to which the staples and the points offer similar aesthetic results in the scar of the cesarean section . You who have suffered in your own flesh, what opinion do you have about one method and another?

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