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Eva Paris @paris_eva

In line with what I told you recently about communication with the pediatrician, I wanted to tell you an interesting editorial of the electronic information magazine for parents of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics very related to the topic.

An interesting reflection from "the other side" that highlights the importance of understanding the pediatrician's consultation as a meeting place .

A task not easy in the era of incommunicado, where we have all the possibilities to know what happens at the other end of the world at once, but we are not able to tell how we are our friends.

And, of course, there is the time factor in a saturated health system, which often reduces the consultation time between the patient and the patient to a few minutes.

The editorial calls for an approach to families beyond passive listening, for an active involvement, an attempt to understand the new types of families that approach the consultation ... And for the tranquility in the consultation without interruptions or rush

All are obstacles in effective communication that, if we remember the last visit to the pediatrician, probably sound familiar to us. But the AEPap proposal is very different:

It would be positive to expel from this space that is our consultation the excessive notoriety, the overwhelming paternalisms and the egocentrism. And cultivate active listening, empathy, humility and sincerity above all and by all, families and professionals. The consultation would be an environment that fostered dialogue and mutual understanding, the basis for any medical act, where people who came would be welcomed with courtesy and kindness.

In that ideal environment, in which of course I include well-trained and up-to-date professionals, the doctor could offer more advice and tools for parents, there would be less distrust, more mutual understanding.

Parents also have to act. As a patient, it has happened to me that the relationship with the doctor has not become fully effective until I have communicatively opened up and a better understanding has been established.

Probably in this way we will find some doctors "reluctant" and many obstacles in the health infrastructure, but in any case we can claim that space of communication and knowledge.

All are obstacles to communication with the doctor is effective and the consultation of the pediatrician is understood as a meeting place, but many professionals fight for it, ultimately improve their working conditions and provide better care for our children, and parents must also claim it.

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