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Share The photo of your baby: Jaime discovering life

Mireia Long

This Thursday we present, in the weekly section, the picture of your baby, to Jaime, discovering life . He is 3 years old and lives in one of the most beautiful places I know, the wonderful Valle del Jerte. His intelligent expression and fascinated by what surrounds him have captivated me.

Jaime is sometimes mistaken for a girl, because of how handsome he is and the long curly hair he has, but his mother says he does not care because in no way will he cut that beautiful hair. Jaime is discovering life and he does it in an extraordinary natural environment. He loves to eat and eat, is full of energy and has just learned to ride a bike.

We thank your mom who wanted to share this lovely photo of her son with all of us, and we remind you that if you want to see the photos of your selected children, you can send them to us by sending them to the Flickr group of Babies and more.

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