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The most developed country in the world, the United States, is also very aware of the promotion of breastfeeding, based on the many advantages that this type of diet provides to both the child and the woman. It has achieved that 73 percent of mothers breastfeed their children, and their goal is to raise the figure to 75 in 2010.

It is important to know all the possible ways to reach women in a more incisive way and with better results. It is obvious to think that education by doctors and nurses is a very useful weapon, but it has been shown that mere mention is not useful, but rather that health workers should take care to give all the information to future mothers.

For some years there has been an independent commission in the United States of experts in primary care called "Special Group of Preventive Services", whose work lies in the exaltation of breastfeeding and in research on ways to promote it and reach people better.

This group has been in charge of reviewing 25 studies and guides carried out around the world on breastfeeding. After this review, they have published their conclusions in the journal "Annals of Internal Medicine".

The results show that it is not valid for health workers to mention only breastfeeding or to give a pamphlet, but to inform thoroughly from the beginning of pregnancy and not only after delivery. It was demonstrated that the actions carried out from primary care are those that gave the best results.

They also emphasize that in addition to following the mothers throughout the pregnancy and the post-partum period to be able to resolve all the doubts about breastfeeding, it is equally important that the toilets try to avoid creating feelings of guilt in mothers who can not or do not want breastfeeding their children, since sometimes this effect occurs after so much promotion.

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