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Armando @armando_bastida

A few days ago we spoke in Babies and more of an intervention in the processes of childbirth called vaginal touch, which although provides very valid information to assess the moment of delivery in which the woman is, its use should be limited because it is a maneuver that can be annoying, painful and that can "alter" the natural psychological evolution of the woman and therefore slow down the normal development of childbirth.

An alternative to touches, although it has little scientific evidence, seems to be the observation of the purple line . It is a line that ascends from the anus to the tailbone as the dilation progresses.

When the woman is about two centimeters there is a little violet streak that ascends from the anus. At the time it is four or five the line is approximately halfway and at the moment of full expansion the line, which measures about 10 cm., Is seen as a whole. This is from the anus to the back of the buttocks (the point just below the joint sacrococcigea better known as rump). The ideal position for observation is being the woman on all fours or crouched. In England this method is applied by independent midwives who attend home deliveries. They often perform both tacts and observation of the purple line, although each time they make fewer touches .

The most advisable thing is that the dilation process is at home for obvious reasons of tranquility, known environment, pleasant temperature, the possibility of being with whomever you want, where you want, as you want and listen to the music you prefer, the purple line It can be a good "thermometer" for husbands.

In February, if all goes well, my second child will be born. Soon I will start telling my wife to show me the area where her purple line will go to get used to the "level 0" line and have it as a reference.

This way we will know how the dilation is going and if it is a good time to go to the hospital.

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