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Share The latest fashion in the United States: cakes to know the sex of the baby

Eva Paris @paris_eva

It is clear that the arrival of the baby is an event, and most parents can not wait at the moment of delivery to know if it will be a boy or a girl. What is less common is to have a party to disclose to friends and family, even the same parents, the sex of the baby .

The parties to reveal the sex of the baby become fashionable in New York. After the relevant ultrasound is done to know if it will be a boy or a girl, the doctor delivers the result in a sealed envelope, which the parents take to a bakery.

There they are responsible for making a "surprise cake" that usually has the shape of a baby (although not as realistic as these cakes), or is wrapped in a bow that says "It's a


" ("Is a



Once the future dads are reunited with family and friends, they proceed to split the cake, and the inside reveals the secret. Yes, you guessed it: if the interior is blue, it will be a child; If it's pink, expect a girl. For the twins will they make two cakes or a mixture of colors in their case?

Scenes like these are increasingly common in the United States, where the so - called "gender-reveal party" (parties to uncover the sex of your baby) begin to become a tradition among younger parents.

According to an article published this week by the newspaper "The New York Times" this type of celebrations are increasingly frequent among those under 35 years. Only this year, up to 1, 800 first-timers have posted their revelation videos on YouTube, involving family and friends in a unique moment. There are even pages specialized in offering ideas to future parents for this type of party, such as Gender Reveal Party.

We can assume for this fashion different explanations, from the hobby to share any intimacy publicly by Internet to the industry that is behind every couple that expects a baby and that offers us everything "essential" to be up to date.

In addition to the cakes to know the sex of the baby, there are chupachups that change color depending on whether it is girl or boy. At the moment, in New York at least a dozen bakeries offer this service. How long will this fashion take to reach other countries?

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