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Share Obesity in men also hinders fertility

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

If we already mentioned that obese women have more problems to conceive, new research ensures that obesity in men also hinders fertility .

The proven fact is that the sperm of obese men tend to be less mobile than those of thinner men.

They have also found in these men low levels of alpha-glucosidase neutral (NAG), an enzyme found in the fluid of the epididymis, a narrow and elongated tube located behind the testicles where the sperm mature and acquire mobility.

Recall that the lack of mobility of sperm is one of the most common problems linked to male infertility.

Although the study has its limitations, such as that the body mass index was taken as an indicator of obesity and that it was men with fertility problems, in case of obesity experts recommend losing a few pounds before looking for pregnancy.

When losing weight, the imbalance of reproductive hormones associated with obesity is readjusted, improving fertility. That is to say, that when losing weight the situation is reversed.

Given that obesity is a disease that affects a high percentage of the young population, it is interesting to know its relationship with the difficulty to conceive and thus look for the most feasible solutions in each case.

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