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Share The preference of children for cars and of girls for dolls is genetic

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Why girls prefer to play with dolls and children with cars is one of the big questions that we ask parents and about which all kinds of theories have been raised.

There are those who maintain that it is a social imposition, that we influence children to choose one or the other, while others say that it is due to a genetic phenomenon, as an investigation by Texas A & M University in the United States has concluded.

According to the study, the genes are what determine the preferences of children for more feminine toys like Barbies or more male like trucks. The choice, they say, is attributed to genetic programming based on the child's sex .

They have also found that preferences are given from very small. They have studied the behavior of 30 babies between 3 and 8 months of age, not yet exposed to social pressures, who have been shown a doll and a truck inside a puppet theater in two 10-second intervals.

The children were more attracted to the toy truck, while the girls by the wrist, which suggests that the influences of the environment would reinforce this innate predisposition, without imposing a sexist model.

According to my own experience with girls (and it is an absolutely personal experience) I agree with the theory that preference is innate, although other influences may exist. The way they play with babies can not help but respond to the maternal instinct that every woman has and that manifests itself as little ones.

According to the researchers, the toys chosen by the children involve action and movement, while those of the girls are calmer. But they go further. They consider that the genetic preference for certain toys goes back to ancestral times in which men, more active, went out to hunt food, while women stayed and took care of their children.

What do you think? Do you think it is a preference marked by genes, which is influenced by the social environment, or a combination of both?

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