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Breastfeeding should always begin after delivery, as soon as possible, as this facilitates the secretion of milk or the so-called " milk rise ".

From 48 to 96 hours after delivery, the baby's suction increases the levels of prolactin (it is a hormone that stimulates milk production) and oxytocin (this allows the milk to come out by the contraction of the cells).

Generally all women are trained for breastfeeding, although in rare cases, some women manifest a total absence of secretion by the breast, called agalactia.

There are also rare cases of extensive pituitary necrosis, it occurs with Sheehan syndrome and therefore the woman can not breastfeed. If you have not raised the milk can also be for hypothyroidism, in this case pediatricians recommend breastfeeding, since you can not take medication, this could pass to the baby through milk.

In any case, do not be overwhelmed if you can not breastfeed your baby, your pediatrician will advise you the most suitable diet for him.

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