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Share The best Valentine's recipes to make with the children in direct to the palate

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

There is very little left for Valentine's Day, a day in which we celebrate love with the people around us. Sharing a little time in the kitchen with the children is a great way to celebrate, so we bring you a compilation of the best Valentine's recipes to make with the children in Directo al Paladar .

Our colleagues have worked hard to prepare recipes full of color and romance, and of course, delicious. We have shared some of them in our Twitter and Facebook accounts, but now we collect them all in this post.

We start with a striking recipe of lemon and lavender cake with light strawberry frosting ideal for a breakfast or a romantic snack and a cup of cocoa with hearts for chocolate lovers and intense flavors.

To play to discover what is inside you can prepare with the kids a fun surprise boxes of chocolate brownie and if you want to surprise do not hesitate to make dessert for Valentine's dinner a mille-feulette of chocolates with raspberries.

You can not miss the strawberry and pear cake recipe served with cream or an ice cream ball and a recipe that will delight the little ones: Nutella heart cookies.

Two variants of very fresh and colorful desserts are this cold Souffle with raspberries and a few cups of yogurt and pink gelatin with tricolor layers that the children will have a lot of fun preparing ... and eating!

To give a romantic touch to the baby's milk, follow this simple idea and accompany it with these delicious hearts of cheese and red brownie.

We hope that the proposals of our companions kitchens of Direct to the Palate have been tempting and that you try some of them to surprise your family in Valentine's Day .

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