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Share The best recipes of 2012 in Babies and more

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

This year we have put on very little kitchens and we have offered you a few tasty recipes to prepare with your children. We believe that cooking with children is a most entertaining and creative activity to do together.

So, to put the children in the kitchen without fear of staining and to practice the best recipes of 2012 in Babies and more .

Christmas recipes to make with children: Chocolate reindeer cookies

Some nice chocolate cookies in the shape of reindeer to make with children. They are rich and do not entail any difficulty for the children of the house.

Christmas cookies to make with children (I): recipe for the dough

The classic cookie dough recipe that can not be missed. How to make the dough, cut and bake them and then decorate them with the kids as you like.

Cooking with children: recipe for carrot and zucchini muffins

We do not always have to make sweet recipes with children, we can also spend a pleasant time in the kitchen preparing salty dishes, like these nutritious muffins with which you will surprise at home .

Cooking with children: recipe for making "crunch" chocolate bars

Although eating chocolates is not the best thing for a child, surely a sweet falls from time to time, so it is better to be homemade than at least know what ingredients it takes.

Mini ice creams of strawberry and yogurt: recipe to make with children

A dessert that causes a sensation: some frozen snacks for the summer. A fresh recipe and easy to make with the help of the kids.

Cooking with children: recipe for cheesecake and lemon

A classic with many variants that delights both adults and children. Take the apron and the wooden spoon and get down to work!

Cooking with children: chocolate, banana and oat cookies

Another variant of cookies, but with very beneficial ingredients for their food: oats and bananas.

Cooking with children: tricolor watermelon poles

Another cool recipe ideal for summer that children will love. Fun watermelon pops made with a base of gelatin and a creamy and smooth center of cheese.

Summer recipe: banana ice cream for children

Also a summer recipe ideal for a snack or dessert, and at the same time nutritious. An ice cream made solely from banana, with nothing else, no sugar, no milk, no eggs.

Cooking with children: chocolate mousse without sugar and without cream

A homemade and delicious dessert that children will love: chocolate mousse without sugar, butter, or cream.

Cookies to make with children: edible slates

A variant of cookies that I find super fun to make with the kids. Turn some butter cookies into edible slates .

Summer recipe: peach and mango pops with yogurt

An ideal recipe for summer or any other time of the year: homemade fruit pops with yogurt . Fresh, tasty and nutritious.