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Obesity is one of the most widespread health problems today. It is not a disease, but a risk factor for many diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, etc.), and therefore it is a physical condition that is trying to prevent and treat, knowing the causes and creating programs to educate to the population to modify eating habits and physical activity .

One of the possible causes of obesity in women could be, according to a recent study, having been physically abused by girls by someone close to them, with the risk of being obese up to 35% higher than in girls not mistreated.

How they did the study

To carry out the study, published in the journal Obesity Facts, researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, analyzed 12, 590 cases of people who responded to a community health survey in 2005. Of all the people studied, 2, 787 were obese and 976 explained that they had suffered some type of abuse or physical abuse by someone close in childhood or adolescence.

Results of the study

After adjusting the results by age and ethnicity, in addition to other possible confounding factors such as socioeconomic status or mental health status, they observed that physical abuse in childhood was associated with a 35% increase in the likelihood of obesity., when talking about women. If we talk about men who were mistreated as children, this tendency does not occur with the same intensity, since the risk of being obese in case of child abuse is 12% higher .

The relationship between one thing and another is explained, according to the researchers, by the depression and anxiety that may suffer women who suffered physical abuse during childhood. In the case of men, the cause being the same, explain that they are not clear why there is less risk, but think that it could be due to the difference between genders when looking for adaptation mechanisms.

In any case, whatever the reason that women suffer more than men, what is clear is that what happens in childhood of children has a lot to do with the type of adult person that will be. In fact, the least worrisome is that a girl ends up being or not obese. The worrying thing is that it is for dragging problems of depression and anxiety from childhood, rooted in their way of being and living, their personality and their way of facing life, and a much more difficult solution than being overweight.

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