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A pregnancy and bringing a child to life, is an overexertion for the mother's organism, therefore, recovery is slow. It is very important to undergo the different examinations and explorations both in the gynecological consultation and in maternity.

The so-called quarantine or puerperium is the period necessary for the mother to return to the pre-pregnancy state, the duration is 6 to 8 weeks, this is a critical moment for her health and when more necessary are the mother's check-ups, for verify that everything is going well.

Sometimes it happens that a mother who has given birth and who is already at home, leaves his health in the background to take care and dedicate himself exclusively to his son by passing up some of his reviews.

These reviews should not be missed, because they will take the temperature to rule out that you have a fever, which would indicate that you may be growing an infection. They will monitor the wound of the episiotomy and if the stitches, which usually fall on their own in 10 or 11 days, progress adequately. With an abdominal examination you will see that the uterus is recovering its original size. They will also check the breasts, such as possible cracks in the nipples and will indicate how to prevent them or soften their discomfort and ensure a good breastfeeding. They will also verify that the expulsion of the lochia is normal. To rule out a postpartum depression you will also be asked about your mood.

After the puerperium, you must go to your gynecologist, he will ask you a series of questions and tests to determine that your state of health is optimal. The health of your child is as important as your own.

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