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Share The three things you can ask for visits in your postpartum

Mireia Long

What things can you ask for postpartum visits to be bearable? We give you three ideas that are sure to be more useful than many odds and ends with which they can present themselves.

Arrival at home is the time when the phone starts to ring and friends and family want to come and meet your child, although, it is from the drawer, the child does not need to know anyone at this time more than his mother and father . But since they can not always be avoided, ask the postpartum visits for things that will really help you . There is a way to make them useful.

You leave the clinic and you get home. Normally exhausted, sometimes with dots, it may be emotionally overflowing. You need to be with your baby, to settle the breastfeeding or to feed it, if it is the case, with a bottle as close as possible.

In the puerperium you are in need of care, tired, with emotions on the surface and eager to enjoy the bond of falling in love with your baby. But the visits are willing to appear with gifts, to catch the child and maybe, dizzy with advice and forcing you to be mediocre and taking care of them.

Here are three ideas of things you can ask for visits in your postpartum, which will help make these days easier for everyone.

Respect your child's schedules and routines

It's almost a joke. A newborn does not have schedules. He will eat and sleep at his own pace and possibly the one that needs schedules. As your schedule will depend on the needs of the child and these are unpredictable, it is convenient to clarify: the visit must adapt to the schedules and routines that your child marks .

You need to rest and your rest hours are what the baby has. When the child falls asleep it is possible to dismiss them and go to bed, even if they arrived five minutes ago.

In addition, if the child demonstrates any disagreement you will also retire, in addition to doing so for the takings or bottles if you feel that you are both more comfortable in solitude. It is not negotiated, no criticism is allowed. Be assertive, inform, do not ask for permission.


Well, yes. You need food Go shopping and prepare food, even if your partner is at home, is something for which you have little time. You are going to be focused on the baby and he on attending to you.

So a wonderful visit is the one that arrives with a load of fresh food, a basket of organic fruits and vegetables for example.

And better, come with a lot of pots of rich foods already cooked : cooked, lasagna, lentils, meatballs, ratatouille, marmitako, broth, stew, grouper sauce, gazpacho, potato omelette, spinach sautéed with ham and raisins, Stuffed courgettes...

Rich and appetizing food, freshly made, in tarteras ready to freeze if necessary and in individual portions. Buy the lunch boxes too. I assure you that a week without having to worry more than to heat the dish of the day is appreciated, and much.


Another gift that visitors can bring is to be willing to roll up their sleeves and do household chores . Do not take the child or want to feed him, unless you really need that, no.

What is really going to help you is that you take the dirty clothes and return them washed, ironed and folded. Or ask what time you want to go to clean the house or take care of errands that are necessary.

Sincerely, most postpartum visits that do not meet the first point and are not willing to collaborate on the other two, can wait. Your son will thank you and you are sure that too.

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