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Mara Jos

Free Vaccination is a portal carried out by health professionals; Its objective is to alert the population about injuries and damages caused by vaccination.

He argues that citizens, especially those who are already mothers and fathers, should exercise their right to informed consent and independently decide whether to accept or reject a vaccination for themselves or their children.

Among its fundamentals we can read: " In principle require the authorities to create a record of adverse events linked to vaccinations. It is unacceptable that you intend to vaccinate in a compulsory way, not knowing what the damage it may cause, and that there is a total disinformation about the adverse effects and contraindications of the vaccines. It is our right to be informed by the health and medical authorities, and it is our duty to seek impartial information . "

Many parents do not know that vaccination is a medical procedure that can lead to risk of injury or death. Find out, consult your pediatrician and, if you have any doubt, you can ask for another qualified opinion. You should know that the laws protect you and that you are fully entitled to accept or reject practices that involve the possibility of risk.

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