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Armando @armando_bastida

It seems that it was yesterday when our children came through the school door to greet a new course and just finished school yesterday. No, it has not been a day, nine months have passed and that means, for the children, that the holidays are coming .

Holidays, that word that many parents fear, as in the Faro cartoon, precisely, because they have to take care of their children. Well, take charge in a relative way, because most will spend more than half of their holidays with grandparents or in homes or summer camps.

Children, like adults, are excited about the arrival of vacations, not because of fleeing from school, since many like it (others probably do not), as we flee from our work and from the madding crowd, but because They will be able to carry out different activities and, above all, because they will be able to spend more time with us, the parents.

However, many parents feel afraid, I say, like those in the vignette, because they are not used to living the routine of everyday life with their children, because they feel distant in many aspects and because they have not just found the nexus point. and communication that makes a relationship flow both on one side and on the other side.

By this I mean those fathers and mothers (I know some), who tend to look for "chores" and responsibilities, almost so that they do not have to face the fact that paternity escapes them. To give some examples, I know a doctor who spends the week working in two hospitals and doing guards and who loves her children, even though she has confessed that she is not able to spend too much time with them, or a friend who spends the day at work and who almost left last, as if hoping that, when he gets home, his girl is already asleep.

Maybe these cases are extreme, maybe not. In any case, it is usual to hear (every year I hear it myself) mothers express the "what do I want to start school". Unfortunate phrase that is usually verbalized in the presence of children. It is also common to see parents planning vacations without their children, as if in addition to fleeing from the responsibility of work and home they had to flee from their responsibility as parents.

I have titled this entry "The holidays come!" Because I love being with my children and enjoying with them the good, that there is a lot, and at the very least, that there is also a lot, but that is what touches me for having decided to be a father. Well seen is that, precisely, what motivates to be a better father and better person.

Let's hope (hopefully) that the children this year can fulfill their dream of spending the summer with their parents, that they do not have to listen to rejection phrases like the one mentioned above and that the friction with their parents, that they have not been able to have just during the year, make love, that has had to be replaced by kisses on the forehead when the child sleeps and with material gifts.

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