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Share "Lloré", the confession of Serena Williams with whom we identify ourselves when we miss the first times of our children

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

In motherhood we have the opportunity to experience many "first times", both for ourselves and for our children. Being present when our baby says his first word or when he begins to crawl, is undoubtedly a moment full of enthusiasm and joy that many parents and mothers long to have and keep.

But when you're a mother who works outside the home, some of those first times happen when you're not there. This is what happened to the tennis player Serena Williams, who was not present at the first steps of her daughter and shared her reaction: to cry because she can not see them by herself, something that some of us may feel identified with.

Since becoming a mother, tennis player Serena Williams has joined the list of celebrities who openly discuss their motherhood, sharing moments when they feel vulnerable after having children or problems they have faced.

Now, the champion has recently shared in her Twitter account a moment and feeling that many mothers will surely be able to identify with, especially those who work outside the home.

She took her first steps ... I was training and missed it. I cried.

- Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) July 7, 2018

"She took her first steps ... I was training and I lost them.

Personally, I felt very identified with the publication of the tennis player, because during the first year of my daughter's life, I still worked outside the home 40 hours a week and I missed several of her "first times". One of those, were also his first steps, which I ended up seeing in a video that they sent me moments after this happened . And like Serena, I cried.

I was very happy for my daughter, to know that little by little she was developing and learning. But it hurt my soul not to have been present. I shared my feelings on my Facebook account and some friends who were mothers of children a little older than my daughter, gave me messages of encouragement and helped me to stop feeling sad. And just that, was what happened to Serena.

Immediately he began to receive responses to his publication on Twitter, from mothers who had also gone through the same thing and from women who had been nannies and had had to see those "first times" instead of the parents.

One of them confessed that she never told her parents the first time their children did something, so as not to take away the joy and excitement of seeing something for the first time. Another mother told her something we can all apply: " She does not count until Mommy looks at him, nothing counts until Mommy looks at him ."

And one of the most tender and motivating responses that Serena received, was precisely another famous mom who shares her experience with motherhood, and we love: the model Chrissy Teigen.

she is practicing so you can see the real ones. ❤️

- christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) July 8, 2018

" She's practicing so you can see the real ones, " said Chrissy, who has spoken openly about the difficulties she has had after becoming a mother and is a promoter of breastfeeding.

It is true that when we are mothers and work outside the home, we can miss some of those first times of our children. But also by working and fighting for the life we ​​want, we are giving a strong example to our children. Let's do our best to avoid feeling guilty, and remember that the first real times are those we share with them .

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