Recommend, 2018

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Compartir The highlights of Bebés and more from August 26 to September 1

Mireia Long

As every Monday we started the week with a review of the highlights in Bebés and more the previous week, collecting the contents that have most attracted the attention of our readers.

I start by recommending the post in which we remember that although a pregnant woman is not a sick person ... it is appreciated that you give up the seat at times and also in which we ask if the delivery without an epidural is an option for all the pregnancies.

We have also told you that babies remember words from when they were in Mom's gut and that August is a month without a virus.

We interviewed the midwife Meritxell Sánchez and the midwife Marina Fernández told us about breastfeeding and menstruation in our section: ask the midwife.

I finish with the delicious chicken meatballs that we have encouraged you to make and with Entre Mamás, which tells us about the first day of daycare without traumas.