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Share What babies tell us without talking to us


When we have our little newborn baby in our arms we drool. That nobody can deny. A lot of sensations and thoughts go around our head, and a kind of "click" takes place in our way of being. We started a special bond that will allow us, little by little, to understand what the babies are saying without talking to us .

And it is that teaching to communicate to the baby before being able to speak is vital for its proper development, not only in what refers to the language area, but also to the rest. That's why it's very important to know that you do not have to talk to want to share something with another person.

Since our little one comes to this world he does not stop telling us things. He wants to share with us all his feelings, worries, fears ... He looks for us to teach him how it works and what we can do (as a music group that I like very much said) in this strange world.

We make use of this non-verbal communication at certain times when we do not have an appropriate oral language or, simply, the language between the interlocutors is not the same and, therefore, the understanding between both is not possible.

How is it possible that someone so small can communicate with us? Very easy. Just as we can communicate with the baby during pregnancy, he does the same with us. And later on, at the moment of birth, it is thanks to the way he is going to make us share in his new discoveries.

Although the most important thing is that, through the simple gesture of directing your eyes, you will be able to capture (even more if possible) our attention. This ability is called visual attention, and will take care that we are talking to our little one as long as he demands it.

Thanks to his look, he will start his learning adventure. How? Very easy. Instinctively we will react to those eyes talking and talking without stopping. We address the child in a special way that catches her and makes us start a joint interaction that will help her develop.

It may seem that he is not paying attention to us or that he does not understand what we are saying, but nothing is further from reality since these mini-conversations that we keep with the babies will stimulate them and develop the different aptitudes that have to do with the language area.

The different body movements of our baby will also provide us with a large amount of information about what he needs, wants, happens ... If we pay attention to the context and his facial expressions or movements we can understand if he wants to eat, he is uncomfortable or feels anguish.

In addition, everything he does when we are with him or peacefully resting is also going to influence their development and will directly influence the environment, making it gradually mature at a cognitive, social, motor and communicative level.

Closely linked to these movements is the imitative capacity that the baby has when he sees us doing something. By repeating different actions that we do while we are communicating with him will get us motivated to continue teaching him a multitude of other things that he will learn with all the pleasure of the world. We must not forget that babies learn by imitation and research.

I can spend hours and hours learning with what babies tell us without talking to us, as it is a capacity that as we grow up it seems that it is becoming more forgotten. The one who speaks the most is the best communicator, but the one who transmits the most.

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