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Eva Paris @paris_eva

If you thought you had seen studies for everything, maybe this surprise you. It is an analysis of what it takes to get bored children in the car, very interesting if you are thinking about making a long journey with your children.

An independent study reveals that, on average, it takes about 27 minutes for children to get bored on a long car trip. It is in Australia where we find the children that most quickly reach this state, 23 minutes, however, in New Zealand it is where they last, 34 minutes. In Spain, the average is set at 25 minutes .

The average time has been calculated based on the responses of about 3, 000 mothers with children from two to eight years and taking into account trips of more than 30 minutes in length, where the children had no entertainment such as a DVD player.

These are the data of the countries analyzed:

Australia: 23 minutes United Kingdom: 24 minutes Spain: 25 minutes Italy: 26 minutes The Netherlands: 27 minutes The United States: 30 minutes France: 30 minutes Germany: 31 minutes New Zealand: 34 minutes

"Collateral effects" of boredom in the car

Bearing in mind that a trip on a road trip tends to last longer hours, it is convenient for parents to have varied resources to keep children entertained. Otherwise, we may find ourselves in one of these undesirable situations of stress or arguments :

  • 60% of mothers say that "being together as a family" is the best part of a family trip, although it can be somewhat stressful.
  • 41% think that being in the car with children is much more stressful than being in the office.
  • 36% answered that sometimes they argue with their partner during the trip.

And how do parents manage when they travel by car with children? 74% invent games, 52% offer "rewards" and 24% lie about the arrival time, thus trying to make the shortest journey. I already see the children in that typical scene "How much is missing?" "How much left?" "How much left?" ...

What about the rewards I can get to understand, ourselves on a trip we have left some time to share a snack and spend some time entertaining with it. The reward can be simply the time to have a snack or lunch something that you especially like.

But lying to them I do not get to understand, because no matter how little time they have (for the little ones one hour can be the same as five minutes or five hours) the duration will be the same and the older ones will know that we have not said the true.

Tips so that children do not get bored in the car

If we prepare a series of games and activities for the car the journey can be made much less burdensome, and we can throw imagination and go to many tricks to avoid that boredom. Songs of travel, games, I see, riddles, books (if they do not get dizzy) ... are just some of the resources we can use.

The DVD to watch movies in the car can be a great help, although many have doubts about its effectiveness or if it is worth placing it in the vehicle. It will also depend on the children.

A CD with children's songs is a saint's hand, in our case we do not have a DVD but we do have a good selection of children's music and also audio-guides that they love to listen to. Of course, the soundtrack of our cars has changed a lot since we have daughters.

The lunch or snack time can be special, with some food that you like, and if it is resting, stopping the car in a suitable place to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom ... better.

If the trip is long, it is convenient to do it at a time when the children can sleep (nap, early morning ...) so that they do not become so heavy.

Of course, we remind you of the advice to travel by car with children, to avoid the dizziness and the most frequent mistakes that endanger children in this type of travel.

Taking into account all these tips we will make the children take a little longer to get bored in the car, and with luck they will not only remember the destination as something wonderful but also the journey to get to it. To throw imagination in the car!

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