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Armando @armando_bastida

If there is one thing we can guarantee today, societies move faster than their institutions, and the proof of this is that there are more and more complaints, requests and pressure from the population towards institutions such as education and health. As a result of these popular pressures hospital protocols have been changing, professionals have been recycling (or have seen the need to do so) and have modernized a bit.

But there are still many things to improve, and one of them is the time a baby spends without her mother because she was born by caesarean section . In some hospitals, the father goes into caesarean section, the child is placed in the mother's breast and there he stays for as long as it takes, as if it were a normal delivery. In others the father has to stay outside, the baby goes to the nest, or with the father, and the mother remains alone for two hours in resuscitation, when the ideal is not this.

From Mare a Mare requests it in the Hospital Virgen de los Lirios de Alcoy

There are popular struggles and there are local struggles. There are struggles at the state level and struggles at a particular level, and the more you change the closer you are to us, the easier it will be for the change to be global in the end. The support group for breastfeeding De Mare a Mare is clear and that is why it has started a collection of signatures to ask the hospital in their area to change the protocols and that babies born by caesarean section remain with their mothers at birth .

How many hours do they spend without their mothers now?

I do not know, answer me. In the hospital where my children were born, babies spend two hours without their mother . The mother is transferred to the resuscitation plant, the baby stays on the floor, with the father or in the nest (although it is no longer the typical nest full of cunitas) and at two hours, if the mother is well, she is taken to the neonatal plant to finally be with your baby. In other hospitals that time may be shorter, or much longer. A couple of years ago some nurses from a hospital in southern Spain boasted in a few days of obstetrics having managed to reduce the separation from the usual 16-18 hours to only 9-10 hours. 9-10 hours without your son? Terrible

And why do not they put them together?

Why those born vaginally are skin-to-skin with the mother and those who are born by caesarean are separated from their mothers? Well, because the mother has just had surgery. They have opened the abdomen to the uterus and they have sewed it again. This with the corresponding anesthesia, of course. After an operation a person has to recover from that anesthesia and that's why he goes to the resuscitation area, in case there is any immediate complication. In case everything goes well, he moves to his room.

It is carried out with the women who give birth by caesarean section the same protocol as with other operations, but it is not the same. in the other operations they take you out or fix something that is not going well. Here you get a baby and there is an emotional bond that breaks. And it should not break .

Most women do not suffer from emergency complications, so most women could be in resuscitation with their baby and their partner next to them. The baby on his chest, which does not bother at all, the couple next to him, who does not bother at all, and if there is any complication they move away and act.

This is not usually done because in resuscitation there is no one who can take care of the baby if necessary, so one option is that there is. Another option is not to leave the mother in resuscitation, but to raise her to the floor in a room where, in case of emergency, she can act, for which it will be necessary for the staff to be prepared.

Seen this way it seems difficult to achieve, because, as I say, you have to make changes and perhaps have at least one more person to be for the baby in resuscitation, or to be with the mother if it is in plant (I see more feasible what first that the second, since the resuscitation rooms are much more open and from a central point all the beds are seen).

But hey, babies born by caesarean section every day, and the benefits of not separating mother and son are innumerable . From an emotional bond that does not break, because immediately after leaving the baby is not separated from his mother, to better rates of breastfeeding, because a baby is born very active to make the first shot, meet his mother, be calm with she and after 2-3 hours she sleeps for a few hours, etc.

Come on, there are so many benefits that the logical thing would be that, or in resuscitation, there would be staff to care for the babies and that mothers and babies could be together, or even that in the neonatal plant they would create a resuscitation subunit only for mothers who they give birth by cesarean, or with complications, so that they are with their babies without separating from them.

It sounds utopian, right? Well, it should be like that .

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