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Share Babies born by caesarean section would have more risk of suffering from allergies

Armando @armando_bastida

Numerous studies tell us again and again that the ideal way to give birth and to be born is vaginally, and in the most natural way possible. That is the ideal, and when that can not be the case, when there is a risk to the mother or the baby, it must be intervened and, if necessary, a cesarean section to the mother, as an emergency measure.

A further side effect of caesarean section is that, because babies are not contaminated by their mother's bacteria, which happens in a vaginal delivery, but is contaminated by other bacteria in the environment, the risk of suffering future allergies It is greater .

This is what researchers have seen in a study conducted at the KTH: Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden, observing that children born by caesarean have a lower bacterial diversity in the first years of life and, consequently, a higher risk of allergy.

This happens because children born vaginally colonize their intestines immediately after birth, while those born by caesarean section are much less exposed to microbes and, in addition, many are not known by their body, since they are not from their mother. The conolization of your intestines will be slower and the risk of allergy will increase.

To reach these conclusions, they studied 15 babies born vaginally and 9 who were born by cesarean section. The sample is very small and as an isolated study it would have very little scientific credibility, however, the conclusions they reach support larger investigations with the same result.

In the study they saw that children with a poorer microbiota, both in variety and quantity, such as babies born by caesarean section, stimulated less the proper development of the immune system . Something like what happens on the outside when we say that a bit of dirt is good, but internally.

From the results, the researchers commented that it is necessary to know more about the effect of each birth on the babies' microbiota and, moreover, to know more about the repercussions that one or another way of being born can have.

Even explain, and this seems to me to be the subject of debate, that in the future will be transferred to babies born by cesarean section vaginal or fecal bacteria of the mother to normalize the development of the baby's intestinal flora and even that they will create cocktails of probiotic bacteria with the same purpose.

Come, in the same way that pharmacists have achieved, in addition to selling drugs to sick people, sell them to healthy people, now they could open market with babies born by cesarean section, to prevent future health problems. I do not know, maybe I'm raving and instead of getting defensive I should open my arms to such an event . Without going any further, the only child of the three who have been born by cesarean section has already detected a few food allergies (which may be related or have nothing to do, of course).

We hope that the data will continue to fall in future studies, since to have all the information we would have to know what happened in 2012 and 2013. The WHO, which is very restrictive on this issue, considers that in Spain they are doing, for years, too many cesareans. According to what they say, what was expected in a developed country was that there would be complications in 5-10% of deliveries, but that it could be considered acceptable figures close to 15%.

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