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Pediatricians recommend that babies do not use a pillow and the reasons are several and clear. To start with, if a baby uses a pillow it can force the natural curvature of his neck, since having a small neck and the head proportionally bigger than the rest of the body, the shoulder does not prevent adequate support.

In addition there are other risks that can seriously harm the baby, because if you turn over you can lie on your stomach and breathe your own carbon dioxide, not receiving oxygen, the outcome could be fatal.

If the baby when lying down needs to be a little reclined, it is also not convenient to use the pillow, it is much better to place a towel under the mattress that elevates half of your body and not just your head. About two years old the little one may claim a pillow like ours, the specialists still recommend that if they can do without it better, although if you sleep on your side you can do well, but you have to choose a suitable pillow for him.

The pillow for a child must be quite finite or not high, that is not very soft and that is the same size as the bed. It must have a washable cover made of a very soft fabric and the materials, which are becoming more and more, are recommended fiber, because they facilitate breathing and oxygenation.

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