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Share Babies recognize the emotions of other babies at five months

Eva Paris @paris_eva

Parents do not always know what happens to our baby, why she cries or what emotion she is feeling. However, babies as early as children can recognize the feelings of other babies, according to a recent study.

Specifically, babies can recognize the emotions of other babies at the young age of five months. It is then when they are struck by the positive attitudes of other babies.

The study, published in the journal Infancy, is entitled "Young Infants Facial Match and Vocal Emotional Expressions of Other Infants" and adds to others who had an impact on the same issue, such as the one that showed that at three months infants perceive that We adults are sad.

The team of the psychologist Ross Flom, of the Brigham Young University, in Provo (Utah, the United States), made tests sitting 40 babies in front of two screens. One of them showed a video of a happy baby smiling while the other showed a second sad baby frowning.

When an audio recording of a third happy baby was played, the younger viewers watched the baby video with positive facial expressions for longer, even though the sound recordings were not synchronized with the images.

It is therefore more than likely that babies will soon recognize another baby's expressions, such as those of adults. Empathy? They do not develop it until years later, so it is difficult to explain, since they do not begin to become aware of themselves (and their image) until later


In any case, it is surprising that babies perceive the emotions of other babies so small, and the study confirms something that we are increasingly sure: the complexity and richness of the baby's brain already at such a young age.

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