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Eva Paris @paris_eva

57.8% of young Spaniards present a semen of poor quality, not reaching the parameters that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers normal, according to data from a study conducted by more than 60 centers of assisted reproduction in Spain .

This study shows that the poor semen quality would be due to contamination from toxic industrial sources, since it is in the most industrialized Spanish regions where the semen of young people is of a quality up to 3 times lower than that of other zones.

These data do not indicate that there will be serious problems of fertility, although it will take longer to achieve conception, also taking into account the age and fertility of the couple.

For this research, a sample of 1, 239 young people aged between 18 and 30 years was analyzed and the volume, concentration and mobility of the sperm were taken into account.

By Autonomous Communities, we have that Galicia has the best results, with only 8.5% of its young people below the concentration levels considered normal, followed by Andalusia and Madrid, with percentages of 13.7% and a 14.8% respectively.

In the opposite place, with the worst results are the Valencian Community and Catalonia, where 22.7% of young people do not reach the normal minimums, and the Basque Country, which has a rate of 18.7%.

Although pollution is undoubtedly important in this aspect, I find it difficult to forget other factors, such as food, tobacco and the quality of life in general. However, according to the conclusions of the study, the influence of tobacco, stress and alcohol is questioned.

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