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Share Children's toys have an expiration date


Each toy is suitable for a certain age regardless of the child's abilities. It is necessary to respect the evolutionary line of the small ones to guarantee an adequate mental development.

A child can be very intelligent and we think that it would be advisable to buy a toy that is aimed at older children, but in this situation experts always recommend that children learn and have fun with toys appropriate to the age and development phase of the child. A toy that does not correspond to its development phase can cause boredom and even frustration.

Parents should not feel guilty if, due to external circumstances such as work, they can not play more than half an hour with their children. The important thing is that the time spent with them is full and of quality. Your child has a room full of toys, this is a fact often caused by parents, the habit of keeping all toys even though these are no longer appropriate for their age is a mistake . Like the clothes, the toys that are in the room must be according to their development phase. The rest, just occupy space and are unnecessary.

If a child is accustomed to always playing with the same toy and in the same way, it is normal, all toys that induce a repetition promote the safety of the child by providing greater self-confidence.

The development of our children is a continuous process that starts at conception and ends at maturity. The playful activity begins when the baby is about three months old, from this moment, it is necessary to promote cognitive development always appropriate to the age it presents.

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