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Mireia Long

Are you missing a gift for a mom who has just given birth ? I propose a few ideas that will be sure success for recent mothers and that will help them to connect with their baby and with themselves in these intense moments.

Surely she has already bought everything she thinks she might need, and even though we can give her some clothes for her baby, that goes further, since she is sure to appreciate something special for herself.

What does a newborn mother need to be happy and quiet ? The truth is that things, what is said things, few. What you really need is to be enjoying your child, recovering from the birth, resting and enraptured in your baby, eat well, sleep as much as possible, take the air, do not overload tasks and have help in the practical things of home.

Well, there are going to be our gifts, not gifts, giveaways.

Food done

Get to cook with a newborn. It is that over, moms need rich, hot and homemade meals, ready-made, to only have to warm them and eat them when they have a free time or have them ready for family food.

So one of the best gifts is to fill the freezer with homemade dishes made by ourselves, a voucher for a home-cooked restaurant at home in your locality or the personal commitment to go every day with a good pot of pecorino, stewed or cooked for at least the first fifteen days.

The clean house and other tasks

Another thing that makes a lot, but that much is missing, is that someone visit us and not to pick up the baby in the middle of his nap or breastfeeding, but to take care of all those tasks in the house that are not I should have to make a recent mom.

So that's my second recommendation, "vouchers" committing to go to his house to wash and iron when he asks, to go to the market or to vacuum, or, better, to go every day a couple of hours to do the laundry and keep the house in order .

Also, if we can not do it directly, we can look for a cleaning lady and pay him for a couple of months, so that the mother does not have to do more than the essential.

It will depend, of course, on each mother, but they all need and appreciate some practical help . If it is not with the cleaning of the house, it might be good for us to take the older child in the morning, or to take the brothers to the park for a while in the afternoon, or to take a walk or take care of the baby while she will take a quiet shower or have a coffee with a friend or simply lay down in bed to read for a while knowing that her son is cared for.

A good massage

Who does not like a good reflexology session or a relaxing massage ? Well, if you have not slept well for two weeks, you have visits at home when you do not feel like it or you are facing a situation as new as motherhood, much more appreciated. So, even if you already have the gifts for a recent mom, if you give the budget, add a voucher for a massage session, that sure, sure, that you appreciate it.

A photo session

When the baby is born, we always take lots of photos, with us and many more with the grandparents, uncles, neighbors and friends who come to visit. But a session of professional photography where we get beautiful despite the fatigue with our precious son will be a beautiful memory for the future.

It is, sure, another gift that you are very grateful for, but in this case it is worth knowing if you already have it contracted.

Breastfeeding accessories

Actually, I do not mean any accessory, but those things that you may not have thought about and that are going to make it easier for you to breastfeed at home and on the street, especially if you're new and you're not used to it: a nice shirt breastfeeding so that you can breastfeed in any place without your gut getting cold and a breastfeeding cushion to rest your back while breastfeeding.

Sleep without tears

The two books that I recommended to you on the previous topics about the best gifts for a pregnant woman or for a mother about to give birth are, of course, also for those who have just given birth: "A new motherhood" and "Love, eat, suck . "

But I want to add a literary recommendation in each article, and I think that, before they assault your newly born friend with absurd advice to leave her baby alone while she is asleep, do not sleep on her arms or do not breast her on demand. the night, better to prevent. My advice is to give her the "Sleeping without tears" of Rosa Jové before being induced to buy a book with methods to "teach her how to sleep".

I hope these ideas allow you, on Three Kings' Day, to make happy with the gifts to many recent moms who are sure to appreciate that you show them that you think about them and what they may need most these puerperium days.

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