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Eva Paris @paris_eva

It is a time of heat, of humidity, we are next to a marshy area


There are few situations in which we are safe from mosquitoes. But on top of that, if you're pregnant, the mosquitoes are licking your skin, so it's better to protect yourself from these uncomfortable companions


There are studies that indicate that mosquitoes prefer to bite women in general, because estrogens attract them, and if we add the large quantity of these hormones during pregnancy, this special appetite for the blood of pregnant women is explained.

It could also influence the increased blood volume and body temperature increase so that pregnant women are more exposed to bites, as well as the fact that the more sweat is released more lactic acid, an attractive substance for mosquitoes that are able to detect to more than 30 meters.

A study published in the magazine "The Lancet" in the year 2000 showed that pregnant women attract twice as many mosquitoes as those that are not. The authors of this study attributed it to pregnant women exhaling more carbon dioxide and registering higher body temperatures, which mosquitoes detect more easily.

This study was conducted in the Gambia and showed that in the huts where pregnant women had slept there were twice as many mosquitoes as in those occupied by non-pregnant women, although the fact that pregnant women left with more could also influence the increase in stings. Frequently urinate during the night.

We especially remind you of these natural resources to repel them that help keep mosquitoes away and we will not have to use chemicals. In addition, we can avoid the first and last hours of the day or night, when there are more mosquitoes, or wear long-sleeved garments and long pants.

Considering that insect bites can cause infections that present risks during pregnancy, this is one more reason why, if you are pregnant, you protect yourself against mosquito bites .

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