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Share Oligosaccharides present in breast milk may help prevent future food allergies

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Breast milk is one of the most valuable gifts we can give a baby. And it is a food that has multiple benefits for him : it protects against respiratory infections in childhood, helps reduce the risk of sudden death and improves the structure of the heart in the case of premature babies.

Now a study adds one more benefit to the list, since it was found that the oligosaccharides present in the mother's milk could help prevent the baby from suffering from food allergies in the future .

Researchers from the San Diego School of Medicine at the University of California shared in the journal Allergy a study in which they analyzed the relationship of breast milk with sensitivity to certain foods during childhood .

The composition of certain sugars, specifically the oligosaccharides, which are the third solid component found in breast milk after lactose and fat, could play an important role in the prevention of future food allergies.

This is because the oligosaccharides act as probiotics that help guide the development of intestinal microbiota in infants and children, which, according to other studies, are a key element in the development of allergies.

The researchers found that although there was no individual oligosaccharide that was associated with sensitivity to certain foods, the general composition of the oligosaccharides played a role in it .

The composition of the oligosaccharides found in breast milk can vary, and is determined by various factors, such as gestational age, the mother's health, geographical location and whether or not exclusive breastfeeding, which makes them obtain various oligosaccharide profiles .

They were able to identify an oligosaccharide profile that could be beneficial, as it was associated with a lower rate of alimentary sensitivity in one-year-old children .

It was concluded that there is a relationship between the composition of the oligosaccharides and the prevention of future food allergies, and consider that starting from this point, further research could be carried out to establish the long-term consequences of the oligosaccharides, and even be able to modify them in the future to to be able to use them in a therapeutic way.

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