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Armando @armando_bastida

The permission of lactancia consists of the possibility of being able to absent one hour of the work when you have a son, being able to divide this hour in two fractions of 30 minutes. In case you want to reduce the working day, the permit is reduced to half an hour (if you want to start later or finish sooner). This leave lasts until the baby is 9 months old and until now, both the mother and the father could request it, provided they were both working as employees.

If the mother was autonomous, if a leave was taken or if she did not work, the father did not have the right to do so, however, the Court of Justice of the European Union affirmed in October that the Spanish law was discriminatory and the Government decided to resolve this issue modifying the Statute of Workers.

After this change, and this is the good news, parents can also request permission to breastfeed regardless of the mother's work situation.

Apparently, the Court of Luxembourg considered that the Spanish law could cause a self-employed mother to limit her professional activity by taking charge of the baby alone, without being able to receive help from the father.

With the new regulation the law will speak indistinctly of "workers" and "workers", since now it only says "the worker", and will indicate that it is "an individual right" of both parents. If both parents work, you can enjoy the lactation permit either. If only one of the two is employed by another person, he or she may request the permit, either male or female .

The truth is that I think it's good news for all dads that we begin to take into account in the care of babies even when they have a few months. Now it would only be missing that in the pursuit of equality not stay there and let us also take the maternity leave of 16 weeks when the mother does not work, for example, or that we equal in our low to 16 weeks too. Although put to ask, I almost prefer that they leave us as we are and that they increase the maternity leave, which is ridiculous to the greatest extent.

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