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Generally, punishments and prizes are often abused, and often the expected results are not achieved. Many parents wonder if punishments serve something or if they have to reward them whenever they do something that is rewarding.

The rewards and punishments are neither good nor bad, the important thing is how and when they are carried out. Of course it is convenient to congratulate the children when their behavior and attitude is good, but they must also fail when it is wrong. But education should not be based on this type of relationship.

Expressing feelings, emotions and problems, facilitates negotiation with them and that they can understand, we will not get unnecessary punishments and sometimes they are not effective. Discipline means establishing norms, educating them about responsibility and helping them decide what is best for them, making them participate by showing mutual respect. The ideal is to establish a dialogue with the children, even agree with them.

Physical punishment must be avoided at all costs, although that does not mean that, when they are small and try to do something dangerous or improper, they can be given a slight slap as a warning.

Reconciling authority and freedom, in this way children learn that not everything is allowed and acquire ethical values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will help them integrate into society, without losing their independence.

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