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Share Los Risis, those endearing beings that will make the whole family laugh

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Rosa Hernandez

If they ask you what things or situations provoke in you laughter or at least a spontaneous smile, I am sure that one of them is the laughter of a child . Not in vain, the network is full of videos of babies unscrewing themselves with laughter and we share them in our Facebook profiles or we send them to our friends, because we know with certainty that they will be well received.

But what causes laughter to them, to the babies? Great mystery Sometimes a sound, a repeated action, a grimace, a toy ... the truth that, fortunately, his particular universe is full of fun things and with his smile they get ours too.

From the day they are born, it seems that the main objective of parents in this world, is to tear a smile from their child. We wish so hard to see him grow happy, that we spend the day doing tricks until we get an answer that confirms that our child is happy and understands our thanks.

The baby that was born smiling

Many pediatricians say that babies take a few months to give us their first smile as a conscious response to a stimulus and try to convince us that the early smiles are just an involuntary gesture of his mouth. Maybe they are right, but parents continue to perceive these newborn smiles as a gesture of complicity, and it does not matter if it is voluntary or not, it moves us in the same way.

In my case, the first "voluntary" smile of my son that I keep burned in my mind occurred when he was 2 months and a half and, in case there is any doubt, there are graphic proofs that corroborate it, but I would love to know the experience of other parents and know when they observed a response of this type in their child.

What I do not remember is the exact moment of the first laugh, but I do not forget its sound and how contagious it was, and still is. I do not know if because of his innocence, his spontaneity or his power to move the rest of humanity, for me the laughter of a child is one of the most wonderful sounds of this world. Therefore, I try daily, as I suppose most parents, to provide my son everything in my power to make him happy and manifest it.

Let's see who laughs first

I will not say that there is a toy that makes your child happy. But happiness is built from small moments of joy and everything that starts a smile on the baby, welcome. With that purpose Fisher-Price "gave life" to the Risis .

The Risis are small rounded beings with a size adapted to the baby's hand. By squeezing or shaking them, these soft stuffed animals release a contagious laugh . And since they have their own personality, each Risi has its particular sound of laughter . There are in 6 colors: yellow, orange, pink, blue, green and lilac.

Undoubtedly, a very fun playmate for your baby, who will contribute to adding moments and moments of happiness and that will become the perfect excuse to start laughing with the family.

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