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Eva Paris @paris_eva

Just arrived from a fabulous trip to this Mediterranean country, I wanted to leave you my comments about the trip to Malta with children and their biggest attractions. And although I could not know the totality of the attractions that I point out, yes some of them, that I will describe extensively later.

To make most of these visits and activities we are located in the main cities, others can be reached by bus, although for some it is more complicated and should be done on organized excursion or rental car. The best thing is to find us with a good map and choose our essential stops in Malta for children :

  • Mediterraneo Marine Park, an aquatic theme park that organizes shows with dolphins, sea lions and parrots. Also popular are the reptile or seal pool, although the star attraction of the park is swimming with dolphins (must be reserved). They also have a recreational area for children, a park with inflatables and other attractions for the little ones. It only opens in high season, from April to October.
  • Playmobyl Fun Park, in Hal Far. One of our star stops, although it would be hard to find the place. I will tell you that it is very worthwhile to come to this place if we go with children.

  • Pirate ship excursion: the deck is covered, treasure is sought and the crew is beaten with swords. It can be done in Sliema, with Captain Morgan, although there are more and more options in other places on the island. The cheap version of this excursion is a boat ride along the coast of Dwjera in Gozo or by the Blue Grotto in Malta.

  • Malta Experience, Valletta and Medina . It is an audiovisual tour through the history of Malta, found in the two most beautiful cities of the island of Malta: La Valletta (the capital) or Medina (the city of silence). They are projections of 45 minutes, so they are not indicated for the little ones. Even if you do not enter the projection, I recommend a walk through the cafeteria to see the fabulous viewpoint over the sea and the tunnel that gives access to the Malta Experience in Valletta.
  • Splash & Fun Park, a water park with a lagoon-shaped pool, slides and a children's play area with a dinosaur theme.
  • Popeye Village in Anchor Bay, where Popeye's hometown was recreated for the film "Popeye the Marino". There is an amusement park, movie set and a nice little beach to have our snack. It can be combined with the visit to Gozo, since the ferry that joins both islands is in this area of ​​Malta.
  • Malta Aviatum Museum (Ta 'Qali, Rabat), with a collection of old vions that are exhibited and restored by volunteers in a task that can sometimes be seen live.
  • Historical Re-enactments, Forts Elmo and Rinella (Valletta). In these forts of "the three cities" (in front of Valletta) they illustrate the world of the soldiers and military parades with period costumes are staged.
  • Hypogeum Hal Saflieni (Paola), the most spectacular site on the island, a burial site. Children under six years old are not allowed to enter or can not access carts or wheelchairs, so this time we are left with the desire to visit.
  • Mellieha Bay is a destination frequented by families with young children, as it is one of the few sandy beaches with little depth in the waters. It is a tourist town built on a hill overlooking the sea, with attractions for children.

This is just a small sample of everything that can be done in Malta with children, because in fact I am of the opinion that almost any destination is appropriate to meet with the little ones if we adapt to their needs and their tastes.

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