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Mireia Long

First-time moms sometimes wonder if they will do well to give their baby what cheers or comforts her. We have received many contradictory messages about babies manipulating us, but the reality is that babies ask for what they need and they rejoice and calm down when we give them what they asked for. And what they usually ask for is mom for everything .

If we breastfeed: mom for everything

If we give them a tit, the tit tends to be the relief of all evils . If you are sleepy, tit. If they have pain, teta. If they are hungry or thirsty, obviously they teat. If they have restlessness, need of contact or nerves, the tit works great. And is that breastfeeding is much more than food and, certainly, if a child does not want to suckle and will take care to let go of the chest to tell us that it does not apply. Breastfeeding is on demand. Therefore, when I cry or is uncomfortable, the first response is arms and breast.

Babies especially need, instinctively, skin-to-skin physical contact and soothing suction . Breastfeeding naturally gives all that. But, even with the bottle we will be able to give it to him openly and freely.

If we do not breastfeed: mom for everything

If we give them a bottle, offering them the bottle does not always work as well as the breast, because the bottle always gives milk and the breast can be used for non-nutritive suction and the need for intimate contact.

But anyway, bottle feeding is also on demand and a child will not eat if he does not want to eat, so offering food is an option to consider when the baby is dissatisfied.

Although some of the advantages of the breast can not be replaced with the bottle if we can give attachment and love without limits. There is a solution for mothers who do not breastfeed and, without the slightest doubt, can give their children that love they need more than their own food .

Give suction and contact without breastfeeding

The idea is that the bottle is not an object independent of the basic need of the child, but an alternative to breast milk. That is, we can put the baby to the breast equally and many times the non-nutritive suction calms down with the nipple and that works even better if we let a little milk pour pouring through it, which gives the child the same calming sensation that I would nurse because of emotional need. We can offer the breast even if we give a bottle, it is not incompatible and many babies adapt without rejecting it.

The idea that I offer you is that it can be shocking: offer the breast when we give artificial lactation . I fully understand that there are women who will not want to try, especially if leaving breastfeeding has been a painful or traumatic experience that they do not want to relive.

But I assure you that it is possible, and I have even met mothers who started like this and came to partially relate to children who had not been breastfed for months. Of course, they did it without pressure, for pleasure, and felt that part of the pleasure of breastfeeding returned to them and their children, reaching, in some cases, to produce again some milk.

In other cases I understand that it is unfeasible. Not always the baby accommodates to the breast and the suction of the nipple and gets angry, doing, in addition, reborn negative feelings.

Or simply and simply, the mother does not want to offer the breast for reasons that nobody should not judge or have the right to ask or question. But if babies bother with the nipple or if we do not feel comfortable offering it, understandable, there are also solutions: put skin to skin and offer an alternative suction object: the finger or a pacifier.

Of course, mom for everything

That is, for a baby, mom is the consolation for everything . If what bothers you is not solved with the tit or with the closest possible contact with another method of feeding, I assure you that the baby will let you know clearly.

Anyway, mom is there and is, for a baby, the place and source of happiness. It is their skin, their smell, their look and their caresses that best calm a child. Mom without limits, for that there are no rules, the only rule is to give oneself and let yourself be loved loving without measure with the heart and the skin.

Do not worry. There is never an excess of the tit. Never, of course, we give breast or bottle, there will be a mother in excess, or arms in excess, or mimes in excess, or excessive contact. You will not do it "badly" if your baby you give mom for everything . You will be giving him what he needs most: his mother, his natural habitat, his home, his love.

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