Recommend, 2018

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Share Moms, thanks for your stories

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

In mid-April, and taking advantage of the proximity of Mother's Day, we invited the mothers to send us their stories telling us their experiences as mothers to share them with the rest of the readers.

We have maintained the proposal throughout May for being the month in which Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain and in most countries of the world, so ending the month we want to say "thank you for your stories" .

We have published 23 unique and moving stories that have filled our pages with feeling. Indeed, it has been very gratifying to echo your experiences as mothers.

We want to thank one of the leading mothers for sending us your stories. So, thank you very much Eva, Caro, Yisney, Erika, Esther, Myriam, Natalia, Virginia, Sandra, Maria Angeles, Iraida, Cintia, Katya, Clara, Maria, Diana, Talina, Vanessa, Bethlehem, Yavery, Jasmine, Guadalupe and Elsa María

We hope you enjoyed the initiative as much as we did.

Photo | jeanine & preston on Flickr