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Share Crafts in summer: make yourself a bookmark

Caro Ferrer @@ CocinadCarolina

Summer is a perfect time for our children to enjoy reading, the days are long and full of moments when we can enjoy relaxing lying in a garden in the shade to read. Since we have proposed to do family activities, one of them can be reading: each member of the family with a book, suddenly one laughs, another cries, we tell each other stories we read ...

Today I bring you one of my crafts to do with children : make yourself a bookmark .

Necessary material

  • Flat wooden sticks (pole)
  • Washi tape (you can buy online here)

How to make the book point

  1. We put the wooden sticks on a flat surface, one next to the other (you can take the ones you want, depending on the width you want to give the point, with about 4 or 5 will be fine).
  2. We cut a piece of washi tape long enough to turn the sticks over.
  3. We stick the tape on the front of the sticks (without removing them from the table, this way we will make sure that they will be flat and one next to the other without spaces).
  4. We turn them over and stick them in the back, if there is enough tape we can cut them with your fingers or with scissors.
  5. We take another strip of another color and put it the same following the same process as in the first, just below it.
  6. We continue to cover the amount of clubs you want.
  7. Another idea you can do is leave some space between the strips of tape and paint with colored markers on the sticks, you can put the name of the owner of the point or a phrase that you have marked your favorite book.

Happy summer and happy family reading!

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