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Sofia Lindfors is a Swedish model and influencer who has just done a whole mouthful to her colleagues by profession and, in general, to all those people and media that contribute to the idea that you have to have a perfect body weeks or even days after giving birth.

She stars in the cover of the summer edition of the magazine mama with a beautiful image in a bikini accompanied by her two daughters of six and a year and a half. With her belly still limp, even with some cellulite and showing the scar of caesarean section. This is his body now and so happy. More covers like this one!

Proud of her body

The model, which has more than 13, 000 followers on her Instagram account @heltenkeltfi, says that one of the worst compliments they can make is: "It does not look like you've been pregnant." She is proud of her war wounds: "I have suffered 84 weeks of pregnancy, I have two daughters, my body has been cut, used and sewn and I survived, I want it to look like I am a warrior, a giver of life, a true superwoman ! "

Sofia moves away from the stereotyped image that the famous ones often offer: a model of success that aims at motherhood almost as a complement in her perfect life. She talks openly about how horrible her first birth was and how bad it is when your child comes with a problem, like what happened to her with her first daughter. An experience that was the trigger of his change of mentality.

When will you lose your gut?

When Sofia became pregnant with her first daughter, she was basically concerned about how her body would look and how long it would take to lose weight to return to work. However, the priorities changed when, before birth, your baby was detected a congenital disease that affected the bladder and that would require important operations once it was born:

"In the second I saw her, life and all priorities changed completely, we were involved in a succession of operations for more than two years of constant attention and a lot of anxiety, when people asked me in interviews how long it took me to lose my belly I would throw them some looks that were like daggers, is this the important thing?

That was when she decided that if she ever got pregnant again, she would use her popularity to show what is "right" after a birth. And the right thing for her is: "recover and just be." Feel calm and not be dragged into that sick spiral of "get fit and sexy again." I do not understand why everything has to be so rushed. ?", Explain.

Hoppsan, nu blev det visst lite vl snett va Ja jvlar, det hr du rtt i. h, allts som kvinna fr man ju rkna med att kroppen gr snder lite och sdr vid en frlossning. Hon ska ju vara glad see att hon ftt ett barn liksom. Jag bryr mig verkligen inte om mitt stora, sneda rr. MEN jag blir helt jvla vansinnig see attityden kring frlossningsskador och sviterna after graviditetfrlossning. Att vrden intetar kvinnor p allvar, att in mste brka fr att f hjlp och knappt fr den d. Den glass "lilla gumman" -attityden och att in frvntas acceptera allt mjligt skit bara fr att det hr ihop med att in ftt ett barn. Vilken man skulle acceptera att hans balle gick snder fr att "han ju nd blivit pappa s inte ska have vl brka om kuken d ...". . . . #kejsarsnitt #jagochmittsnitt #fifilosoferar #mammamage #csection

Not only the famous ones

Definitely, you need more brave covers like this and less perfect bodies (sometimes retouched) soon after giving birth. Sofia is critical of her colleagues and other celebrities because of her way of contributing to the unreal image of women in relation to motherhood:

"A single type of image is offered in the media: that of a woman who went through a pregnancy and a completely unchanged birth, and no one seems to be pregnant six months after giving birth (or less than a day later) and nobody has Stretched skin, wrinkles or stretch marks There may be some slight imperfection, but always under a headline of 'sequelae of pregnancy' and advice on how to get rid of them. "

"This, " continues the model, "creates a distorted image and adds stress and pressure to recent mothers, who should only focus on bonding with their children, breastfeeding and rest." And here is the key to the matter. Women get the message that what that is normal for and then, they meet their real postpartum body (with their belly as if you were still six months pregnant, sagging skin, etc.).

This only has negative consequences: either we hurry with diet and exercise or we sink into complexes about not having the right body, a total waste of time because at that moment we have much more important things to do: connect with our baby and give the best of us. This is not to mention the negative aspect of adding pressure to a situation as delicate as the postpartum with the ghost of depression as a very real threat to a woman in a vulnerable situation.

More women like Sofia

Fortunately, and thanks in large part to social networks, there are already many women who dare to teach, proud, their kilos over, their "imperfect" bellies and their war marks.

They are proud of their bodies, not only for their physical appearance, but for what they have been able to do, which is to create and give birth to a new life. In this link you can see a beautiful session of photos of bodies of women in their "fourth trimester of pregnancy". More covers like this one and less perfect bodies are needed a week after giving birth.

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