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Share Master in childhood diseases, ninja techniques not to wake them up and other curious skills that you learn when you become a mother

Laura Guerrero

When people say that your life is going to change when you have children, you imagine that they go about not sleeping and not having time for yourself, as well. What they do not tell you is that we moms develop something like "superpowers" to meet the demands of babies.

Or were you capable before you glided through the room without barely touching the floor when you fell asleep? Could you measure the body temperature of another human being better than any thermometer just by bringing the lips to your forehead? We review those curious skills that you learn when you become a mother.

Ninja tactics not to wake you up


You can take months without having stepped on the gym and with all the kilos of pregnancy still attached to your body, you become the most agile and light when the baby falls asleep (finally). Here subtlety is the key and every mother has her technique: some choose to make fast and precise ninja movements and others to use the lazy technique and then there is this mother, who is a professional. In both cases, a creaking floor or a badly oiled ankle can disrupt the operation.

Do things with one hand (and even with your feet!)

When you have a child you discover that you can do almost everything with the baby in your arms. Vacuuming, eating a brave tapa or going to the bathroom will no longer be things that you do alone. I swear I've seen a mom write with her right hand because her baby had fallen asleep on her left breast ... being left handed!

But with the lower extremities, like those of the girl above, fantastic skills are also developed such as making the pincer with the big toe to reach clothes, toys, the telephone ... Some twins' dads have even perfected their technique to give them the bottle with the feet.

Do a thousand things at once

Multitasking reaches unexpected dimensions when the baby comes into play. If before talking on the phone while preparing dinner seemed like the most, now you will be able to shave with one hand and brush your teeth with the other while humming a children's song or preparing food while watching a series on your mobile. Feet, why do I love you? Well, to rock the baby while, of course.

Breaking the space / time rules

Yes, we moms can turn an hour into five minutes. Or was not that the time you needed before to fix and leave the house and what is taking now? (Well, let's leave it at home). The thing about doing your things in the bathroom is traca. Sometimes it will play having that very personal moment with a child in your arms. Other, with one (or more than one) as a public and, when they are a little older, a classic: dark (Yes, the switch is out.) Yes, your mobile phone has run out and once again yes, you've already told your son to turn on the light and it's gone from you). If you are surprised by these habits in the bathroom, look at what Jessica Biel does to have a moment of tranquility.

Experts in medicine

The mothers seem to take the children to the pediatrician to confirm the diagnosis, because what happens to them we already know: "he has a face of acute otitis media, it is very clear". Over the years and the successive viruses and bacteria that children are catching according to the season, we become experts, we know when to get sick and some can even compete with the thermometer in accuracy when knowing how much fever has its offspring.

Selective vision

Those of us who were disorderly before having children do not have that problem, but for lovers of home harmony it becomes a real ordeal to see the amount of junk, toys, clothes, food ... that invade every corner of the house . For this we develop the selective vision: where is that mountain of clothes for ironing? Do you see it? I do not. This is a skill that becomes very useful when you are older and do something that, under normal circumstances, you would not approve, but you are too tired to scold them. Out of sight...

It seems that having a child is an accelerated "superpowers" course. Here we have summarized a few curious skills that you learn when you become a mother . Which are yours?

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