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Share Froebel pedagogical materials at Jaisa Educativos

Mireia Long

I am always looking for good educational materials to show you, and this time I have found a product that, in whole or in part, I found an example of what is a toy that links quality material and game possibilities with a fundamental pedagogical component. It is the Froebel pedagogy materials collection that Jaisa Educativos offers (which, on the other hand, has many beautiful things as well).

Friedrich Froebel was a German pedagogue to whom we can consider the first to be dedicated to early childhood education, but with a very clear orientation: he rejects the authoritarianism of the educator, considers that contact with nature is essential and that we must consider that the true The motor of education is the freedom, self-motivation and personal interests of each child, never having to start a topic if the child is not interested or mature for it. What education should be in my opinion.

He created the first kindergarten centers he called kindergarten or kindergarten. His system allowed children to compare, test and explore and grew internationally as an educational movement. His contribution inspired María Montessori and Rudolf-Steiner among others.

Although the pedagogy of Froebel has great contributions in many fields, from Jaisa Educativos focus on issues related to the game and quality materials, wanting to highlight what Froebel called "the gifts", a set of educational and playful materials with which The child can develop imagination and learning.

Froebel especially highlighted the respect with which the individuality and ability of each child must be treated, the importance of creating a harmonious and happy environment in which to grow and the value of being autonomous through the game as a basis on which it can be built the integral development of the person. He also highlighted the importance of the game as a teaching methodology. He created a teaching system based on a series of simple didactic games known as "gifts or gifts". For Fröebel, the game is the most appropriate means to introduce children to the world of culture, society, creativity and service to others. It is an important element that drives the activity of children through which they acquire the knowledge of the world in which they live.

In Jaisa Educativos we can find the 14 Fröebel gifts that can be purchased both individually and together. I consider that, in addition to being an educational material of enormous quality and respectful with the child, it is an excellent alternative to commercial Christmas gifts. They have a careful presentation and are made of high quality wood. The price of the whole set of materials, the 14 boxes, is 235 euros, but they can also be purchased separately.

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