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There are babies that travel by car they love and, just by hearing the engine noise, they fall asleep and do not open their eyes again until the parents arrive at their destination. However, there are others who travel by car they are horrified and they go all the way crying, making us have a hard time.

If to move you need to take the car often and your little one is the one who has a tantrum every time you get going, the advice that we bring you today to calm him down and help you in this stage will be very practical.

Small changes, small advances

It is difficult to know why the baby panics when getting into the car, but there are some issues that should be checked before starting the journey. Sometimes a small change can be the solution to the problem or, at least, a small breakthrough.

Try that the car has a suitable temperature, that does not give the sun directly and that is comfortable

One of the causes that may be altering the mood of your baby in the car is the temperature .

Try that the little one does not go excessively warm during the trips. It is sufficient that you wear a garment that is not too thick, bearing in mind that the seat itself and the harnesses can give you warmth. If you put the heating, remember that the temperature must be around 21ÂșC.

Also avoid getting the sun through the window, as that may be the cause of your anger. A few curtains that avoid the sun directly will help you to be more comfortable and lively when you travel by car.

You can also try to take the car seat home to familiarize with it a few days. In this way, it will become a familiar and everyday object and it is likely that sitting in it will not distress you so much.

In parallel, we recommend you take small trips so that you get used to traveling by car, increasing the duration of the trips little by little.

Entertainment on 4 wheels

The best way to prevent the baby from forgetting that he is in an environment he does not like is to entertain him . If you travel with another person in the car, one of you can accompany the child in the back seat so he does not feel lonely. Starting the march with mom, dad or a brother can reassure you and make you feel more relaxed.

Get yourself a good set of toys and music to entertain the little one on the journeys

Those who travel with the child in the back seats can talk to him or shake his hand to calm him down. Another good option is to sing or play music that you like. Enliven the trip with a compilation of children's songs or even relaxing music is a good alternative, as well as very educational.

Toys can also be a great ally in the car. Take some of the ones you like the most when you travel for an entertaining trip: stuffed toys, rattles, sound and light toys


Road safety

The tantrums on the road of babies are usually temporary and are anecdotal as they get older. Meanwhile, we must not forget that, at the wheel, security is paramount . That is why it is vital to remain calm, even if they cry, and not to attempt dangerous maneuvers to try to calm them down. It is much better to look for an area to park safely to calm the baby and resume walking again.

These stops will also be very beneficial to avoid postural suffocation of babies. The prolonged position of the children when they travel by car increases the risk of bradycardia, apnea and oxygen desaturation. For that reason it is convenient to make small breaks of 15 or 20 minutes to rest and change their position for a while.

Keep calm, even if your baby cries, and do not get distracted. If necessary, stop in a safe area to calm the baby

As much as they cry, under no circumstances should we allow babies to travel without the corresponding Child Retention System according to their age and weight by regulation.

In addition to being very dangerous, it is considered a serious infraction by the DGT. So that in addition to insurance, the small comfortable trip, opts for an approved chair that is adjustable and reclining in different positions, to adapt to the needs of each child and their growth. Evolutionary chairs, such as the Seat Up 012 car seat from Chicco, can be used in different stages, from birth to 6 years of age (or 25 kilos).

If your baby does not like to travel by car, try to implement some of the recommendations mentioned. Feeling together with their parents, being distracted and having fun on the trips can make things change and car trips stop being synonymous with crying and tantrums. Meanwhile, be patient and do not forget that safety is your main priority to avoid accidents.

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