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Share 'Mommy Makeover', plastic surgery to be "great" after childbirth

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

In the United States the 'Mommy Makeover' is already common and in Spain it begins to gain strength after the birth of Shakira, about whom there has been talk of the presence of a plastic surgeon in the operating room.

This is an aesthetic trend that encompasses different plastic surgery techniques after becoming a mother, such as breast augmentation or reduction, abdominal surgery to reduce excess skin and fat, and body surgery, mainly liposuction. Everything to be "great" after delivery . But what is it for you to look great?

What is "great"?

The point is that "great" is not the same meaning for all women. There are women who look great with their drooping tits and their flaccid abdomen, because they have become mothers and accept change with joy, assume their new imperfections. It is the trace of motherhood .

The body of the woman is transformed throughout the pregnancy and after giving birth. It is a change that the woman assumes so much to be increasing the belly, hips, thighs, as well as when after giving birth to the hips are widened, the belly takes months to return to be similar to what it was (or never returns to be) and the breasts are modified to breastfeed the baby.

I'm not saying that we do not have to take care of ourselves, logically we all like to look good, but while it becomes an obsession to erase the "ravages" of pregnancy and childbirth, that does seem crazy.

'Mommy Makeover', a total renewal for mom

Makeover means in English renovation, remodeling, as if we were talking about a peeling wall that smoothes and repaints without further ado.

According to the doctors, and in reference to Shakira's birth, in the countries where this trend of reconstruction after childbirth continues, "the figure of the plastic surgeon is common as the doctor of many women . " I imagine that the singer would have wanted the incision of the caesarean section of her abdomen to be controlled by expert eyes to make sure it is as good as possible.

This fashion reminds me of television 'realities' in which the participants were subjected to a complete change of look . They made him lose weight if necessary, they changed the style of dressing, the hairstyle, the denture, and included aesthetic operations such as rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, breast enlargement, eyelid correction and other retouching.

The most common physical alterations of women when they become mothers occur in the abdomen and in the breasts.

In the first case, with a tummy tuck or mini-tummy tuck the distension of the abdominal muscles produced in pregnancy is corrected, while with a mastopexy the size and texture, or the elevation of the breasts are corrected. The chest, logically, undergoes modifications in the distribution and location of both its fat and its glandular tissue, which aesthetically can translate into a fallen chest and sometimes empty at the top.

Recover after delivery without surgery

Of course it takes time and effort, but recovering after delivery is also possible without surgery . The scalpel is not the only solution to improve the appearance after giving birth, and it is not within reach of anyone's pocket, nor do they all want to do it.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise, is the key to recovering the figure after delivery.

In our special postpartum care we have given advice to recover the area of ​​the abdomen, chest, buttocks and hips and how to treat stretch marks.

Is it a new generation of mothers?

According to some doctors who perform this type of procedure, the 'Mommy Makeover' consists of a series of postpartum aesthetic procedures with great satisfaction among the patients.

They think that twenty years ago women did not have the possibility of reversing the effects of pregnancy, and covered their bodies with clothes to hide them, but it is a real alternative that today has the new generation of mothers who want to look great even after being mothers.

It is true that years ago plastic surgery was less widespread, there were those who resorted to it, but not as a treatment to take into account after childbirth, and now it is more within reach.

Still, I do not think that the Mommy Makeover is a generational issue, but rather a fashion to which many women add because for them their criteria of being "great" after childbirth is a priority that others do not have .

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