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Share We set up a zoo at home? Paper animals to make with children

Eva Paris @paris_eva

If you want to set up a zoo at home I encourage you to print these colorful figures of paper animals to do with the children . With some simple templates that we can print at home and cut, we will model the paper to shape it and become the little animal we want.

Tigers, cats, snakes, rabbits, dogs, seals, turtles, parrots, crocodiles, peacocks, bears ... All a zoo at the service of the ability of the children when creating paper figures. There are farm and wild animals, domestic and aquatic animals, we even find some kind of legend like the dragon.

In Canon's Creative website we find many models to print, some very simple in one piece (like the horse, giraffes, wild boar, some models of dogs ...) and others much more complicated, although with different degrees of difficulty .

I recommend you look at the template well before printing it to verify that it is appropriate for the child's age and that it can help you. I hope you enjoy the children making this paper animal zoo that will look great in the nursery and that the result will last a long time!

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