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Share Nanofruits: entertaining children for iPhone and iPad

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

A few days ago we commented that our children are digital natives and that many of them perfectly dominate simple applications of smartphones since they are very small. Therefore, it is important to put at your disposal educational content such as Nanofruits, designed for children between 3 and 7 years old that provides entertainment for children for iPhone and iPad .

Drawing and coloring is one of the activities that most attract attention. Nanofruits puts at your disposal a canvas of free drawing, a series of colors and brushes of different stroke so that they can make electronic drawings, as well as drawings with limited areas so that they can be colored without going over.

They can also put together simple puzzles and play matches, which helps to stimulate memory and concentration.

All activities are accompanied by fun sounds to make the experience more interactive and fruits are always the main reason, emphasizing the message of healthy eating.

It is an interesting children's entertainment, easy to use and enjoyable. The application can be downloaded for iPad and iPhone, with an initial cost of 1.59 euros and then free periodic updates with new drawings and more games. Recommended for children who love new technologies.

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