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More than a year ago, we learned about the launch of yogurts derived from breast milk by Puleva, and now we know the project of the Breastfeeding Clinic of Alfaro Ruiz, in Alajuela (Costa Rica) to produce custards, ice creams, cheeses and other derivatives with mother's milk as raw material .

They intend to offer the possibility that children under one year old do not receive any milk derivative from cow's milk (often parents give them a little ice cream, a piece of cheese


) and to satisfy all those mothers who want to give the best nutrition to their children. They have already managed to make custards from breast milk, and now they try different methods to make cheeses. Luz Marina Argüello Villalobos, who had the initiative, states that "In Nicaragua, economic problems led to the production of cheese with breast milk to supplement the food in the family. Here is not for profit, the intention is to teach mothers so that each family makes these products at home avoiding, yes, any contamination.

It also says that not all the milk a mother produces is consumed by the baby, so it can be collected and stored for the preparation of these foods.

You still have to determine the shelf life of the product, analyze the milk and take the necessary steps when handling it to avoid contamination. Many mothers are looking forward to applying the process at home to provide their children with better nutrition.

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