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Share Do not you like vegetables? It can be genetic

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Many children turn their heads when we offer them certain vegetables. It may not be just a whim, but a reaction with a scientific basis.

Recent research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that there is a genetic variant that makes some children especially sensitive to the bitter taste of certain vegetables .

It may even be that due to that detector gene they reject not only the bitterer flavors like broccoli, but sweeter vegetables like carrots or red peppers.

In no way can vegetables be discarded from the diet of children, due to the amount of nutrients and vitamins they provide.

The key is to transform the bitter taste into a flavor more palatable to the child. Try to disguise in some way the flavor cooking the vegetables, adding sauces or making them puree enriched with cream cheese, for example.

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