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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

With the arrival of summer, ice creams are the favorite snack of the little ones. But inevitably, linked to ice cream come dirty hands and stains on clothes, so NoDrip, anti-stain protector for ice cream is a simple and quite effective solution against this problem so frequent in children.

It is a new item that prevents ice cream, when dripping, stains the hands and clothes of the child. That nothing happens either because they stain a bit, but there are clothes that we care about especially.

NoDrip is a kind of small plastic bowl that is placed through the stick of ice cream and there remain the drops of ice cream that could fall when melting.

The idea is original, but I see a couple of small inconveniences. One, which prevents the ice cream from dripping directly on the clothes but is not exempt from the child turning his hand and falling liquid accumulated in the protector and another is that only fits the ice cream with a certain form of stick. It is not valid for others like those of round sticks.

Anyway, it is an interesting item to have in your bag if your child is an ice cream lover. Its price is 1.95 euros and comes in four colors.

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